Keep Away! Card Game - distributed by BIC Corporation

Note to Parents

Keep Away! is a fun card game developed by fire safety experts to help children understand that matches and lighters are tools to be used only by grown-ups. Based on extensive research, Keep Away! helps teach an important fire safety lesson without threatening or frightening children. The game also helps children develop visual memory skills.

While using the game, explain to the children that matches and lighters are useful tools, but they are meant to be used by adults only. Remind the children that they must always keep away from these and any other tools made for grown-ups. And please, don't forget to keep matches and lighters safely out of childrens' reach!

Keep Away! is one of several activities included in the play safe! be safe!® preschool fire safety education program underwritten by BIC Corporation and developed by R&B Communications Services and Fireproof Children.

If you would like to find out more about Keep Away!, the play safe! be safe!® program or other fire safety education activities, please call or write:

Fireproof Children
1 Grove Street, Suite 210
Pittsford, NY 14534
Phone: (716)264-0840

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